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Technology that tackles high cost care episodes from ouch to positive outcome.

We Power All Value-Based Programs for Better Experiences and Substantial Savings

Value-based approaches offer new payment and care models that better align incentives, avoid unnecessary care, reduce costs and improve overall engagement and satisfaction.

Targeting High Cost Care Episodes

Over $700B is spent per year in the U.S. on surgeries, representing the largest segment of healthcare spend. For hip and knee surgeries alone, the surgery spend is expected to increase over $15B in the next 5 years. Value-based programs target the $200B potential savings opportunity in surgeries by creating greater transparency, alignment and engagement.

Technology to Power Value-Based Programs

The Spoke Health Platform brings together technology for managing episodes of care with high quality provider networks and consumer engagement tools to enable the most efficient execution of value-based programs with demonstrable ROI.

  • CRM & Concierge

    CRM & Concierge

  • Shopping & Transparency

    Shopping & Transparency

  • Benefits & Incentives

    Benefits & Incentives

  • Consumer Engagement

    Consumer Engagement

  • Care Management

    Care Management

  • Bundled Contract Administration

    Bundled Contract Administration

  • Claimless, Real-Time Pay

    Claimless, Real-Time Pay

  • Integrated Program Dashboards

    Integrated Program Dashboards

Average 30% Savings

There are over 70M in-patient and out-patient surgeries per year, with up to a million hip and knee surgeries a year (and rapidly growing). Spoke solutions can save on average of 25-30% for hip and knee surgeries alone.

Despite their promise, current value-based programs are inefficient to administer and slow to deliver results.

The Healthcare System Is Completely Misaligned

Providers & Consumers Lack Transparency & Tools

  • 76%

    of providers do not have or receive cost information.

  • 85%

    of consumers are concerned with the increasing financial responsibility.

Employers Are Battling Unsustainable Costs

  • 80%

    of employers say high cost claimants the top 5-year strategy.

  • 65%

    of employers are interested in technology that improves healthcare navigation or benefit experiences.

Payers & TPA's Struggle with Innovation & Speed

  • 70%

    of payers require 1yr+ to launch new episodes of care programs.

The Answer: A technology solution designed specifically to rapidly scale high ROI value-based programs.

The Spoke Health digital healthcare platform HUB powers all the critical SPOKES for value-based programs

Self-Funded Employers

Reduce costs for expensive procedures while improving employee satisfaction.


Have an informed, positive healthcare experience.


Bend the cost curve via efficient execution of value-based programs.


Get rewarded for providing high quality cost care with the administrative hassles.

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