We drive individual patients to top facilities.

We work with self-funded employers to help their employees access top-quality surgical care for some of the most common surgical procedures.
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How can Spoke Health help you?

Access new patients

You’ve built a top-class surgical facility that is capable of providing exemplary care, and at Spoke Health, we want to help you operate at full capacity. We work with our clients to proactively reach their employees at the exact moment they are considering a surgical procedure, and educate them on the best possible options for that procedure.

To provide those options, we’ve built a narrow network of top-rated facilities. However, rather than building provider networks designed for patient access, we give you access to patients through a non-negotiated, flexible arrangement. Our role is not to negotiate you down and require you accept every patient. Our role is to facilitate a patient-provider transaction based on each party's greatest needs at the moment intervention is required.

Couple this proactive engagement with our dedicated care advocate program, a single, assigned care navigator who helps track indicated preoperative requirements and facilitates the patient-provider relationship and we are able to create a frictionless experience for all involved. By empowering patients AND the highest rated providers, we create value on both sides of the patient-provider transaction.

Simplify your billing

By coordinating for pre-payment at the time a procedure is scheduled, we remove the hassles associated with typical payers. You have the comfort knowing that you won’t have to deal with adjudication, payment delay, hassling the patient for their portion, or the risk of non-payment. And because the ACA prohibits unpaid medical expenses from being included on credit reports, our pre pay, cash pay program is more valuable to you than ever before.

Focus on care and quality

By letting us focus on providing you patients and handling logistics, we allow you to focus on the area that truly sets you apart - being a world class facility. And by using quantifiable data to determine the candidates for our network, we are able to provide unmatched quality for our clients. It is this combination that makes Spoke Health so valuable to both our clients, and our network partners.

To find out if you qualify to be a Spoke Health partner, please contacts us at info@spokehealth.com

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