A surgery-savings and employee-concierge program like no other.

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You know the cost of healthcare is increasing at an unsustainable rate. As a self-insured employer, every increase in costs affects you directly.

We help you get control of the largest segment of that spend, surgeries.

By focusing on the most common procedures with the largest opportunity of savings, and rewarding your employees for making the quality and price decisions you want them to, we’re able to help you save a dramatic amount of money on your surgery expenditure.

Spoke Health works by leveraging the fact that there is little to no correlation between surgery price and quality. To start, we help you save money by identifying the highest quality facilities then narrow that list to only include those facilities that provide those procedures for a competitive price. We then work on your behalf by building bundled case rates for these procedures with our partners, eliminating variance and increasing confidence for both the partner and you.

Improve your employee satisfaction and productivity

Your employees are the most important asset your company has, and too often they are making uninformed decisions when it comes to their surgical choices.

We set out to change this by creating Surgery Hub, an online platform that connects with individual’s expectations on how a shopping experience should be, and then brings that to surgery.

  • We make your employees feel empowered and informed about their options leads them to have confidence that they are making the correct choice.
  • We incentivize your employees to select high quality, low-cost options, we improve outcomes, while reducing costs and improving satisfaction.
  • We let your employees make confident decisions, get better care, have dedicated advocacy to guide them along the way, and are able to return to work as soon as possible, reducing the cost of lost productivity.
  • We couple this online experience with a dedicated health advocate, who works with your employees throughout the process, from information gathering, through booking and procedure, and onto postoperative recovery. This continued contact improves adherence to postoperative protocols, reducing the risk of readmission or complication, and can be used to boost the utilization of complementary benefit programs you already use.

Make your life easier

You already have a lot on your plate, so we work to make every interaction with Spoke Health as painless as possible. We work with our network partners to arrange every aspect of the procedure and payment, and you have only one single procedure bill to pay. No worries about additional surprise charges sent to your employees after the procedure, no issues with a cost being more than expected. And with our dedicated advocates engaging with your employees through all phases of the episode of care, we are uniquely placed to promote other benefits programs you have, improving the overall utilization rate of your entire suite of benefits products.

You are also able to easily see the impact that Spoke Health is having on your business with our dashboard and reporting features. With customizable reporting available to be delivered on your schedule, we make integrating our impact into your overall population health analysis simple and straightforward.

If you would like to learn more, please contact us at info@spokehealth.com

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